Philodendron lynamii


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This beautiful plant was named after the plant collector Ralph Lynam. Philodendron lynamii is one of the rarest plants we grow, and it has not been found in any other location other than Tarapoto, Peru, at elevations of about 1600 feet. The big heart shaped leaves on this fantastic Peruvian species start out bright, hot pink and fade to green as they mature. This philodendron is extremely rare in collections, and I lost it myself for may years until I was finally able to track one down again. This species is spectacular and very nearly startles me every time I get a new leaf. Very easy to grow. The leaf gets to about 2 ft long and crawls directly on the ground or in a pot.

We accept Paypal.  The first two images are my stock plants, the third image is Ralph Lynam with my son more than 15 years ago, and the last image is the size plant available. These are not tissue cultured plants. They are divisions from the original plant that was named for Ralph.

This plant is about 8″ tall. Shipping is $10, combined shipping with other items is an additional $2 per plant. US Shipping only