Philodendron ‘El Choco red’


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I’ve had this gorgeous philo for years ever since it stowed away in an import order as a Philodendron verrucosum. I immediately grabbed it out of the box and gave it a special place on the climbing wall. This velvety aroid also has an irridescent sheen to the leaves. Incredible! Said to be from the Choco area of Columbia, this is arguably one of the most beautiful Philodendrons in my collection.

While it has not yet been formally described, around the ol’ aroid farm we call it Philodendron “El Choco red”. It prefers low light and a well draining soil. It is a climber and will do best with a totem.

Plants available have leaves about 8-10″ across Picture is of actual plants and shows off the gorgeous color on the new leaves.