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Alert: Impact of COVID-19/coronavirus As we are all becoming more and more aware, this global health crisis is rapidly evolving. We continue to do our best to fulfill orders in the timely manner you have come to expect from us. We are currently still shipping all live goods Monday through Wednesday as well as select USPS orders on Saturday. Orders with only dry goods are shipping Monday through Friday with no delays. In addition to staying informed of weather and other typical considerations, we are keeping a close eye on the impacts to the supply chain, particularly as they relate to our outbound shipping carriers. Though we are still shipping regularly and staying informed, certain changes in the supply chain necessitate changes to our guarantee policy. As a result, we are hereby not responsible for delays in delivery, nor can we guarantee viability of live goods, due to the complexity of various carriers’ response to COVID-19/coronavirus. Please, please be mindful of the shipping method you select as well as related specific delays in your area. (Some areas are no longer receiving daily deliveries from USPS, for example.) We extend a very heart-felt thank you for your understanding and continued support, and wish you all the very best as we move through this difficult time. Please, stay safe.