About NSE Tropicals

More than just a nursery, we’re serious plant collectors ourselves. We know first hand the passion that drives one to the ends of the earth to find that must-have plant. We know the feeling when you finally locate that plant you’ve longed for. That is why we started collecting plants so many years ago.

We are well known for our large selection of hard to find anthuriums, philodendrons, and other unusual plants. We have something for every collector, so bring your wish list. You are sure to find something you thought you’d never locate. While we no longer have a nursery that is open to the public, our online selection is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with coast to coast shipping. We know the value of receiving a plant that meets or exceeds your expectations. That’s why we strive to ship only established, well-grown plants.  We think selling quality plants online is more than just a plant list with a snapshot, and it all starts with a quality plant.

We are dedicated to bringing the odd, unusual, rare, exotic or seemingly unobtainable to you, our fellow collector. You will find just about anything imaginable among our plants.