Where to start? This place is amazing! I have surpassed my full year of almost weekly orders from NSE tropicals, what a wonderful year it has been! So many wonderful plants, so many questions answered I could not ask for a better experience! Every plant is absolutely perfect, from ordering to packing and beyond nse tropical has strived to make every purchase a breeze and has succeeded at doing just that, and continues to outside my expectations! All of that AND some of the rarest of the rare are available here! What. Is. Not. To. Love? Thank you so much NSE! I so look forward to our future dealings!

The highest quality rare tropicals plants! Highly recommend!

This is a hell of a plant! Great every time!! Thank you!

I’ve never received anything other than hardy, obviously well tended plants. The plants I ordered, and there have been many, are packed and shipped with love, lots of love. Buying tropicals from Enid has become a delightful habit as I experiment with creating a tropical garden around my koi pond down here in South Georgia. I wouldn’t get my tropicals from any other place.

Another fabulous plant from nse, i cant get enough!! I mean what is there to say….the plants are flawless every time! Love nse!

Amazing thank you! I will order more next spring, my ‘Florida ghost’ arrived in perfect condition and was bigger than I expected! It has been repotted and the heat pack you sent is still warm. Thanks again!

Amazing! Totally hooked. Been ordering for 3 weeks now. Great selection. Healthy plants. Looking forward to third order. Enid is awesome. Very accommodating. Will continue to order as much as I can, I’m a new collector of philodendron. So happy I found you.

My 13th purchase from this seller & I am always 100% satisfied! eBay & plant pro

Enid has too many plants. A relocation plan should be developed.

After finding Enid and NSE i have not purchased plants elsewhere! She is always so helpful, and the plants, omg the plants!!! Every plant, every single one, no exaggerations, are complete perfect! I’ve never been displeased, ever. Enid always has the plants that are hard to find, some you cant find anywhere else! Go and order quick!