While spring appears to have sprung…we’re desperately trying not to start propagating until March 1rst. (besides the 76,534,573 seeds we already planted…but who’s counting?)  If I make it to February 1rst it will be a miracle. After two incredibly warm winters (Yay global warming!!) our plants are growing like…er…weeds! With several trips in the works to bring back more cool stuff, we can hardly wait to get this season started. This will also be the year that I finally do more with the website…updating this shiny new blog, writing more how-to articles, adding links and more pictures. After more than 12 years in business, this feels like the most exciting one yet!
We are the place to get hard to find aroids, and we specialize in Anthuriums and Philodendrons. Most everything we sell, we have grown ourselves.  Over the years we have figured out (by killing them repeatedly, and finally growing them successfully) how to grow certain plants. We work hard trying to get this knowledge out there. We are also working on a seed availability of sorts. We regularly produce more seeds than we can possibly use. Many of these varieties must be planted when very fresh, so a dedicated page will be set up as availability allows.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!