Cyrtostachys renda – Red sealing wax palm


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Cyrtostachys renda

Also known by the common names red sealing wax palm and lipstick palm. This is a fantastic bright red palm from Malaysia and Borneo. Anyone who has seen this palm in person knows why it is one of the most sought after palms in the world.

It is considered  a plant in high demand for gardening and a landscaping projects in tropical areas. They have also been known to grow quite well indoors or in a greenhouse.

Please note: It will start to get some really nice color soon, but the real excitement will come as the palm gets a bit more mature and develops the bright red crownshaft that it is famous for. This is going to be a beautiful specimen plant.

The first picture is one of my stock plants and the second picture is the size plant available. About 8″ tall.