Anthurium Circus Peanuts rooted offset


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AKA Mike’s Goliath

What’s most interesting to me about this plant is that I was after it for years, then realized I already had in in the collection. Clearly a result of having too many plants…no WAIT…that can’t be it. Anyway this Anthurium gets rather large leaves and as new ones come out they are a coppery bronze color. Really spectacular!

The name apparently came about when Dr. Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden was reminded of the smell of that atrocious candy that you buy in celephane bags at candy counters that is shaped like giant peanuts in their shells. This orange sherbet-colored candy has a ghastly foam texture with the sicky-sweet fake smell (and taste) of bananas (amyl acetate) that is used for cheap artifical banana flavoring. The scent from the flowers has this same amyl acetate component and is quite distinctive. It does not smell like beer or real peanuts or anything like that! The name is quite a joke but is not a really fitting name for such a hybrid so we chose instead to call it ‘Mike’s Goliath’ to honor Mike Bush, who made the original hybrid back in the early 1980’s. This plant is not often available, and I honored to even have it in the collection.

The plant available has leaves 4″ long The last one is the actual plant available.