New Greenhouse Update:

As we slap together another of these little greenhouses the question remains…”How will we ever fill it?” Just kidding. I plan to start moving cuttings in before the panels are even in. 
I think these little Harbor Freight greenhouses are rated to like 5 mph hour winds, so we ought to be good if we have any hurricanes this year. You actually need 4 people to help build it since it has be held up at each corner to keep it from falling over until it’s all bolted together…very interesting design. It’s actually pretty sturdy once it’s all up.  

The old greenhouse (conveniently located 3 feet away) has mist that comes on every 10 minutes. We’ll do the same with this one. It makes such a difference when rooting new cuttings. Plus it keeps the temperature in the little plastic box in the full South Florida sun under 150 degrees. I may have to put shade cloth over it or hang it inside as we did
the other one. It is absolutely amazing how big it looks before plants are added. My son is all ready to move in.