Bonus 3-4″ Anthurium warocqueanum plus baby veitchii 2″


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The King and queen anthuriums!

So I need to make a little space on the bench for more seedlings and I decided to let just a couple of these hold back baby warocqs go. Late last year I put pollen from my wide green warocqueanum onto my narrowest black warocqueanum and got seeds! These babies are the result of that pairing. It will be cool to see what he grows into. The first picture is the size warocqs offered, the second picture is Dad, the third picture is Mom, and the fourth picture is the size warocq the bonus baby veitchii.

Largest leaves on the warocqs are about 3-4″ long and the veitchiis have 2″ leaves. We highly recommend express shipping in these crazy times. Approximate size of available plants is pictured in the last image. When you purchase this item, you will get one waroc and one veitchii for a total of two plants. I only have a few veitchii, so this bonus won’t last long.