Philo Propagation

It’s that time of year when a gardener’s fancy turns to making more
plants…or something like that. Philodendrons have got to be one of
the easiest aroids to propagate. A simple cut just below the second
or third node is all that is needed. The original plant will send out
another growth point and the new cutting will root within 4-6 weeks.
Of course it’s best to do this during the growing season to ensure

It is important that whatever potting medium you use drains well.
You don’t want to rot your new plant before it starts to root. A
bright, although not full sun spot is best for your new cutting.
I’ve been busy for weeks chopping, clipping, planting seeds,
and making more of all kinds of plants to keep you crazy
plant addicts satisfied. We have soooo many new plants
that will be available in the coming weeks. I accidentally
started propagating in January since we had such a warm
​ “winter”, so plants will be ready sooner than usual.